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E-Numbers List

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Halal Status E-Number Name Description Date
halalE650Zinc AcetateChemical06/14/11
halalE900DimethylpolysiloxaneMiscellaneous - Flavour Enhancers09/28/05
halalE901BeeswaxMiscellaneous - Glazing Agents09/28/05
halalE902Candelilla WaxCandelilla wax is derived from leaves of a plant.06/14/11
halalE903Carnauba WaxMiscellaneous - Glazing Agents09/28/05
unknownE904ShellacMiscellaneous - Glazing Agents Glazing with Shellac is not Halal because alcohol is used to dissolve the Shellac and then evaporate before glazing on food products. Pure Shellac without alcohol is Halal because it is a insect secretion.09/28/05
halalE905Mineral HydrocarbonsMiscellaneous - Glazing Agents09/28/05
unknownE907Refined Microcrystalline WaxMiscellaneous - Glazing Agents If alcohol is used then it is not Halal.09/28/05
unknownE912Montan Acid EstersHalal if obtained from plant lipid or fat. Haram if obtained frpm pork fat. Suitable for vegetarian claim on package indicates they are from plant fat.06/14/11
halalE913LanolinIt is from sheep wool and obtained without slaughtering the sheep.09/28/05
halalE914Oxidised Polyethylene Waxplastic based product06/14/11
unknownE920L-Cysteine HydrochlorideMiscellaneous - Compounds used to treat Flour L-Cysteine from human hair is Haram. L-Cysteine from chicken feathers is not Halal. L-Cysteine from fermentation and synthetic source is Halal.09/28/05
halalE924Potassium BromateMiscellaneous - Compounds used to treat Flour09/28/05
halalE925ChlorineMiscellaneous - Compounds used to treat Flour09/28/05
halalE926Chlorine DioxideMiscellaneous - Compounds used to treat Flour09/28/05
halalE927bCarbamideMiscellaneous - Compounds used to treat Flour09/28/05
halalE938ArgonChemical element06/14/11
halalE942Nitrous OxideLaughing gas06/14/11
halalE943aButaneAlkane gas06/14/11
halalE951AspartaneA synthetic swetener.09/28/05
halalE953IsomaltA sweetener, it is Halal certified from a German company, it is Halal in USA.09/28/05
halalE954SacharinA synthetic sweetener.09/28/05
halalE965MaltitolA sugar alcohol and humectant.09/28/05
unknownE966LactitolA sugar alcohol, Halal if obtained from Halal whey or lactose. If animal rennet is used to make whey and lactose then Lactitol is not Halal.09/28/05
halalE967XylitolA sugar alcohol.09/28/05
haramE999Quillaia ExtractSoap bark tree but extract is extracted with alcohol.06/14/11