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Method of data collection:

  1. Visiting the major supermarkets in the region, examining each product for ingredients declaration on the package.
  2. Checking for different kosher symbols on the package which meet with the Islamic dietary requirements.
  3. Inquiring (limited) with the food manufacturers for the source of questionable ingredients, incidental or hidden ingredients or processing aid ingredients by phone or letter.
  4. In the absence of a Halal or kosher symbol, selecting a food product which is made with Halal ingredients only determined by 27 years of diversified food manufacturing, R & D, Quality Assurance experience in food industry and knowledge of food ingredients.

Not all Kosher certified food products are consider Halal because they are made with Haram ingredients according to MCG criteria such as listed below. If one of them present in kosher certified product then MCG will not consider it Halal:

Consultation with Islamic Scholars:

We are grateful to following Ulema or Islamic Scholars who help us in deciding the Halal status of certain food ingredients and food products based on their knowledge of Islamic dietary requirements.

Our main religious advisors:


The Halal status is given to a food product on the following basis:

  1. The food product is made from only pure Halal ingredients with Halal processing aid or hidden ingredients and no natural or artificial flavors (except those in which alcohol was not used as solvent)).
  2. The Halal food product is not made with pork, pork-by-products, bacon, ham, lard, pig enzymes, any other meat-by-products:
    • Gelatin from pork and non zabiha cow
    • Kosher Gelatin except fish gelatin
    • L-Cysteine made from human hair or chicken or duck feathers
    • Wine
    • Liquor
    • Beer batter
    • Rum flavor
    • Ethyl Alcohol as a main ingredient appears on the ingredient list
    • Cochineal or Carmine, a red color from insects
    • Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce
    • Yeast Extract or Autolyzed Yeast made from brewer´┐Żs yeast, a by product of beer making
    • Torula Yeast grown on alcohol
    • Nucleotides (building block of nucleic acid) are obtained from yeast cells grown on alcohol, used in Infant Milk formulas to help babies build a good immune, digestive system and decreased incident of diarrhea
    • Vanilla Extract
    • Wine Vinegar
    • If ethyl alcohol is used as a solvent in natural or artificial flavors.
  3. Halal or Genuine Kosher certification was also used as criteria for assigning the Halal status for a food product, which meets the Islamic dietary requirements. Because no Halal certified food products are available throughout USA except few such MCG Halal certified Seneca Foods Onion Chips and few from other organizations. The use of genuine Kosher certified food products as Halal is for temporary period only until the Halal symbol carrying food products are available in supermarkets throughout USA. Not all Kosher certified food products are Halal. The only one is Halal, which meets the Islamic dietary requirements. According to Quran our good & pure foods are Halal for Ahlekitab and their good and pure foods are Halal for us.
  4. Only hand slaughter Zabiha meat from Halal animals by a Muslim is used as a criteria for MCG defination of Zabiha meat. Machine slaughtering for zabiha meat is not acceptable according to our ulema.


The criteria for food products under this category is the same as the Halal category except the food products here are made natural or artificial flavors. The natural and artificial flavors used in these food products may or may not contain alcohol as a solvent but these flavors are not made with animal derived ingredients and they are genuine kosher certified. It is beyond our scope to find each food product in this category, which may or may not be made with alcohol containing flavors. We request our brothers and sisters to call food manufacturers to find out about alcohol in flavors. Ask them whether alcohol was used as a solvent in flavors. The alcohol is a hidden ingredient in flavor. The food companies do not have to mention alcohol in ingredients statement according to FDA food regulations. We may even find the industry to respond to our Islamic dietary needs by using alternate solvents such as Propylene Glycol. Some Islamic scholars would not consider a food product Halal if alcohol or if flavor in which alcohol was used as a solvent even if it was completely evaporated during processing. If alcohol is converted to another chemical then it would be Halal but chemically it will not happen.

Not Halal

The following food products are included in this category: